Kicks and Sweatsuits: Top 7 Air Jordan Retro Colorways To Match Hoodie and Joggers

Kicks and Sweatsuits: Top 7 Air Jordan Retro Colorways To Match Hoodie and Joggers

Sneakerhead's Guide to Mastering Colorways

Selecting the right Air Jordan sneakers to match with your sweatsuit is crucial for pulling off a dope streetwear look. The choice of Air Jordan Retro and colorway can take a simple men's hoodie and joggers sneakerhead combo to the next level. Matching your kicks to your threads shows attention to detail and allows you to flex your style. Read on to learn how to select iconic Jordan Retro's and create consistent color combinations for next-level drip.

Classic Jordan Models for Men's Sweatsuits

Air Jordan 1

The Air Jordan 1 is an undisputed GOAT in the sneaker game. Its simple and timeless design featuring the Wings logo and Nike Swoosh makes it versatile to rock with different gear. The AJ1 looks fly whether you're stuntin' in a black tracksuit or a grey sweatsuit.

Air Jordan 5

With its reflective tongue and lace locks, the Air Jordan 5 brings unique style to your fit. The sporty look of the AJ5 pairs well with a variety of sweatsuit colors from black to blue. The textured shark teeth midsole adds dimensionality to balance out soft cotton or fleece sweatsuit fabrics.

Air Jordan 11

The patent leather accents on the AJ11 add sophistication to any sweatsuit fit. The sleek shape works with monochromatic grey sweatsuits as well as bold black and red combinations. The AJ11 is an iconic flex and elevated addition to your loungewear.

Air Jordan 13

With its holographic panther eye, quilted panels, and textured suede, the AJ13 makes a statement. Pair it with black sweats and a white tee for a fit that doesn't need to try too hard. Or go bold with the AJ13 by matching it with a color-blocked mens tracksuit separate.


Key Takeaways

  • Classic Jordan models like the AJ1, AJ5, AJ11, and AJ13 pair well with men's sneaker matching sweatsuits and tracksuits.

  • Match sneaker and outfit colors for consistent style. Go for combos like black and red or white and black.

  • Add depth by mixing fabric textures like cotton, fleece, and suede.

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Matching Colors: Creating Complimentary Combinations

A. Black and Red "Bred"

You can never go wrong with the classic "Bred" black and red combo. It instantly gives off hypebeast vibes. Try pair black sweatpants with a red hoodie and black AJ1s or rock red tee or a black tee and black and red AJ3s.

B. White and Black

The clean look of white and black is timeless. A white sweatsuit with black AJ1s is icy. Or a white tee with black hoodie and AJ11s in the "Concord" colorway keeps it stylish and low-key.

C. Black and Blue

Black and blue offers versatility for both sporty and streetwear looks. Match darker navy sweats with a black hoodie and black and blue AJ13s. Or try light grey sweats with a black tee and AJ11 "Concords" to let the bright blue patent leather pop.

D. Gray and Black

For subtle flexing, rock a grey sweatsuit with black sneakers. Different shades of grey provide a neutral canvas for the kicks to stand out. Try a black hoodie with grey sweatpants and black AJ1s.

E. Black and Grey

Monochromatic black and grey makes a statement through simplicity. Use lighter greys to complement the darker shades. A dark grey tracksuit with a black tee and black AJ5s keeps it cohesive.

F. Grey and Grey

For an understated look, go with an all-grey combo. Add depth by mixing lighter and darker greys. A salt and pepper look with a heather grey tracksuit and cool grey AJ11s is fire.

G. Black on Black

All black everything provides a clean and sleek style. Break up the monochrome by mixing fleece, cotton, suede, and leather textures. Black sweats with a black hoodie and white AJ1s lets the materials shine.

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Matching Colors for Maximum Style

Choosing colors for your sneakers, sweatsuit, and other gear that complement each other is key for taking your look to the next level. Here are some of the most stylish, simple and complementary color combinations to try:

Sneaker Colorway Outfit Color Combo
Black and Red Black joggers with a Black hoodie
Black and White Black sweatsuit with a White tee
Black and Blue Black hoodie with Black joggers
Gray and Black Gray joggers with a Black hoodie


Textures and Fabrics

Don't forget to incorporate different textures and fabrics like cotton, fleece, suede, and leather. Mixing materials adds depth and dimension to monochromatic looks. For example, pair custom suede Air Jordan Retro 13's with black cotton joggers and a black fleece hoodie.

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Matching your Jordan sneakers with sweatsuits and tracksuits takes streetwear style to the next level. Stick to iconic silhouettes like the AJ1, AJ5, AJ11, and AJ13 and combine classic color combos for harmonious looks. Add depth with different fabric textures and visit Threadsonfire for dope tee, hoodie, and jogger recommendations. With the right sneaker and outfit coordination, you'll be stuntin' in style.

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