Men's sweatsuit to match Air Jordan 13 Bred

Top 5 Must-Have Air Jordan Retro 13 Colorways + Men's Athleisure Outfit Ideas

Top 5 Fire! Air Jordan Colorways

In this article, brought to you by Threads On Fire, we delve into five of the most impressive Air Jordan 13 colorways and provide curated suggestions for sneaker matching hoodie and jogger sweatsuits that will complement these Air Jordan Retro 13 sneakers for a seamless and fire look.


5. Air Jordan 13 "Playoffs"

Colorway Description: This colorway features a black leather upper with yellow accents and touches of red. It's a classic and versatile look.

Hoodie and Joggers Combo: Pair these with a simple black hoodie and white joggers. The simplicity will complement the shoes without overpowering them. A red accessory or detail on the hoodie can tie the look together nicely.

Air Jordan 13 and joggersAir Jordan Retro 13 PlayoffsAir Jordan 13 Playoffs and Matching Sweatsuit Set


4. Air Jordan 13 "Chicago"

Colorway Description: A classic colorway that features white, black, and red, reminiscent of the Chicago Bulls' colors.

Hoodie and Joggers Combo: Opt for a white hoodie and black joggers. The white hoodie will match the base of the shoes, while the black joggers will complement the black accents.

Air Jordan Retro 13 "Chicago"


3. Air Jordan 13 "Flint"

Colorway Description: This colorway features a blend of navy blue, white, and grey, making it a more subtle option that's still eye-catching.

Hoodie and Joggers Combo: Choose a grey hoodie and navy blue joggers to mirror the colors of the shoes. This combination will create a harmonious look that's casual yet put together.

Air Jordan Retro 13 "Flint"Air Jordan Retro 13 Flint

2. Air Jordan 13 "Black Cat"

Colorway Description: Inspired by MJ's nickname, "Black Cat," this colorway is all black, offering a sleek and versatile look.

Hoodie and Joggers Combo: With these sneakers, you can wear almost anything. A black hoodie and joggers will give you a monochromatic look, or you could opt for a dark grey hoodie with black joggers for a bit of contrast while keeping the outfit dark and mysterious.

Air Jordan Retro 13 Black CatAir Jordan Retro 13 Black Cat Hoodie and Jogger Set


 1. Air Jordan 13 "Bred"

Colorway Description: The "Bred" colorway combines black with red, offering a bold and aggressive look. It's one of the most iconic colorways in the sneaker world

Hoodie and Joggers Combo: Go for a sleek look with a black hoodie and black joggers. The all-black outfit will make the red details on the shoes pop, creating a cohesive and striking appearance.

Air Jordan Retro 13 "Bred"Air Jordan Retro 13 Bred and matching hoodie and joggersAir Jordan 13 Breds

The Air Jordan 13 "Bred", short for "Black and Red," is an iconic colorway that exudes a bold and aggressive appearance. First released in 1998 and inspired by the sleek and mysterious black panther, this sneaker features a black tumbled leather upper with red accents on the outsole, The Jumpman logo, and the holographic eye. This colorway has become a staple in the sneaker community, making it a must-have for any Air Jordan enthusiast.

And that is why the Air Jordan Retro 13 “Bred” colorway is our top pick for all-time best colorway for this silhouette.


Threads On Fire: The Streetwear Brand for Sneakerheads

Sneakerhead Brand For Air Jordan 13 Bred

Threads On Fire streetwear brand understands the importance of complementing statement sneakers with equally stylish apparel. Founded by a sneaker enthusiast, the brand's mission is to create high-quality, comfortable, and affordable pieces that seamlessly match only the hottest Air Jordan Retro 1-13 sneaker releases. Their collection features a range of sneaker-matching tees, hoodies, and jogger sets (sweatsuits) that are designed to elevate your sneaker game.

When choosing men's hoodies and joggers to wear with Air Jordan 13s, consider the color balance and overall look you're aiming for. It's often best to let the sneakers stand out, especially when they're in bold colorways, by keeping the rest of the fit relatively understated. Comfort and personal style should always be your priority.


Elevating your sneaker game is about more than just the shoes; it's about curating a cohesive and stylish outfit that allows your statement kicks to shine. Threads On Fire understands this philosophy, and their sneaker-matching apparel is the perfect solution for sneakerheads who want to take their style to the next level. With their hoodie and joggers set complementing your Air Jordan Retro 13 Bred, you'll be turning heads wherever you go.

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