Blank Apparel Sourcing In Downtown L.A.'s Fashion District

Blank Apparel Sourcing In Downtown L.A.'s Fashion District

The Los Angeles Fashion District is a design, warehouse, and distribution nexus of the clothing, accessories and fabric industry in Downtown Los Angeles. The Fashion District is the hub of the apparel industry on the West Coast of the United States. If your looking to start a clothing brand, this is definitely the place you would want to start sourcing your product.

LA Fashion District is comprised of wholesale-related business. Buyers, retailers, wholesalers and designers all gather here to do business and to keep up with the latest styles and events in the fashion world. 

From Threads On Fire's brand beginnings, LA Fashion District has been providing all the necessary resources and product blanks we have needed since day one. You can source products such as blank t-shirts, drop tail shirts, hoodies, crew neck's, long sleeve shirts, shorts, sweats, joggers, socks, belts and everything fashion related as well as printing and cut & sew services. logo

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