Best Streetwear T-Shirt Blanks For Starting A Clothing Brand

I have used and printed on a few drop tail shirt blanks, and here is what I experienced and what I found is best to use in my particular situation. Although you can apply these lessons learned as a guide to helping you choose what is best for your brand. The three drop tail shirt blank brands I have used for pinting my streetwear clothing brand designs are: 

  1.  ALL Sportswear Drop Tail Shirt (100% Cotton)
  2. Spectra USA Apparel Curved Hem T-Shirt (100% Cotton)
  3. Cotton Heritage Curved Hem T-Shirt (80/20 Cotton Blend)

Drop Tail Shirts

ALL Drop Tail Shirt blank is what I consider the best overall, considering quality of material, brightness, unique tail design and body fit. This shirt has a raglan style of shoulder hem and gives it a unique style and look to enhance your streetwear brand and it stands out from the rest of the regular/traditional t-shirt style.

Here is a picture of the ALL Drop-Tail T-Shirt: 

ALL Sportswear Drop Tail Shirt

The Spectra USA Apparel Curved Hem t-shirt blank would be the second best when considering material, brightness of color and the curved hem. The Spectra Curved Hem t-shirt has a thinner and stretchier feel, but holds the printing ink just as good as any regular Gildan/ AAA/ Hanes brands would. They are pricier because of the fashion style "Curved Hem" which you can utilize for your streetwear clothing brand. Most curved hem/ drop tail shirt blanks will cost more than standard t-shirt blanks.

Here is a picture of the Spectra USA Apparel Curved Hem Shirt blank:

Spectra USA Apparel Blank Shirt For Printing


Lastly, the Cotton Heritage Curved Hem 80/20 blend shirt is what I consider the stretchy, higher end style of shirt. The neck opening is significantly larger and even some neck bone is exposed when wearing. I personally don't like the stretchy type of neck, but to each their own. This blank does hold ink well enough for printing so no worries on that side. It is a thinner material, but the color and quality are superb. I would recommend this only if you don't mind having that larger neck opening. 

Here is a picture of the Cotton Heritage Curved Hem Shirt blank:

Cotton Heritage Curved Hem T-Shirt Blank


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