Top 5 Men's Air Jordan Retro 13 Colorways, Plus What To Wear With Each Pair

Top 5 Men's Air Jordan Retro 13 Colorways, Plus What To Wear With Each Pair

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The Air Jordan 13, with its sleek panther-inspired design, is a streetwear staple. Finding the perfect outfit to match can be tricky with so many colorways. This guide explores the Top 5 Air Jordan 13s and offers outfit inspirations featuring premium Threads on Fire tees, hoodies, and joggers to elevate your sneaker game.

Air Jordan 13 "Playoffs" (Black/Red)

A true classic. Embrace the bold look with a Threads on Fire GOAT 23 Tee in matching red to complement the accents on the Air Jordans. Pair with our men's black hoodie and joggers for a sleek, comfortable outfit that lets the Jordans be the star. This black red "23 Legend" sweatsuit to match Air Jordan 13 Playoffs is perfect for any sneakerhead.

black and red 23 hoodie and joggers set

Air Jordan 13 "Flint" (White/Black/Royal Blue)

Channel a sporty vibe with these Jordans. Threads on Fire's Joggers in black provide a comfortable base. Highlight the royal blue accents with a 23 Legend Graphic Tee in the same shade. Complete the look with a Threads on Fire streetwear hoodie, creating a cohesive and striking ensemble. This combination is perfect for those looking for a stylish sneaker matching hoodie.

Air Jordan 13 "He Got Game" (White/Royal Blue/Red)

This vibrant colorway needs a balanced approach. Threads on Fire's white Staple Crewneck Tee complements the white upper of the Jordans. Opt for Joggers in a neutral color like heather grey to let the pops of color take center stage. Add a sneaker matching hoodie for an effortlessly cool look.

Air Jordan 13 "Bred" (Black/Red)

These Jordans demand a bold statement. Threads on Fire offers a variety of graphic tees to add personality. Try the black 23 Bred Tee with a graphic that complements the red accents on the Jordans. Pair with our 23 Legend black/ red sweatsuit set to match Air Jordan 13 Bred for a sleek silhouette. This men's sneaker sweatsuit is perfect for any streetwear enthusiast.

Air Jordan 13 "Black Cat" (Black/Black)

Go for a stealthy, monochromatic look. Threads on Fire's black/ white GOAT 23 Tees are the perfect match for the all-black Jordans. To add a touch of detail, choose a tee in a slightly lighter shade of black, like charcoal, for a subtle contrast. Finish the look with the "Bred" black hoodie and joggers set for a complete outfit. This black sweatsuit is ideal for a sleek and stylish streetwear look.


There's an Air Jordan 13 for every style, and Threads on Fire has the apparel to complete your look. From classic to vibrant, Threads on Fire offers a variety of pieces to elevate your sneaker game. Step out confidently, knowing your outfit is on point.

Key Takeaways

Key Point Description
Versatility Air Jordan 13s come in various colorways that can match different styles.
Streetwear Pairings Threads on Fire apparel complements each Jordan 13 colorway perfectly.
Comfort and Style Combining our joggers, hoodies, and tees with Jordans ensures both comfort and style.
Bold Statements Make bold fashion statements with our carefully curated outfit suggestions.


Further Reading

For more tips on pairing your favorite sneakers with stylish apparel, visit our sneakerhead blog and discover the latest trends and outfit inspirations. Stay ahead in the fashion game with Threads on Fire!

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