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90's West Coast Style X Air Jordan Retro 13's: Fire Tips To Mastering That OG Look

90's West Coast Style X Air Jordan Retro 13's: Fire Tips To Mastering That OG Look

The 90's West Coast style has made a major comeback, infusing modern sneakerhead pieces with that 90's style streetwear with an unmistakable simple, laidback, low-key vibe. Fusing old skool aesthetics with today's sneakerhead culture, this look epitomizes casual cool. At the forefront of this trend, Threads On Fire, an underground streetwear brand that captures the late 90's west coast flavor with modern streetwear tees, sneaker matching hoodies, men's joggers and sweatsuit's designed to complement iconic kicks like the Air Jordan Retro 13 Bred's.

 tees to match air jordan retro 13 bred



Nailing that 90's Era West Coast DNA

Loose fit, not oversized or baggy, silhouettes lay the foundation for this late 90's Era  aesthetic. Alongside some monochrome: gray/black, blue/black, white/black and muted tones like black, gray, brown and white. Oldskool street style graphics, sports  inspired logos and simple prints channel that quintessential late 90's vibe. Brands like HastaMuerte, Threads On Fire and StreetWise offer the ideal streetwear tees and sweatpants to match Air Jordan Retro sneakers.

90's streetwear men's outfit to match air jordan 13

  90's fashion streetwear style logo 

men's hoodie and joggers sweatsuit to match air jordan retro 13 bred



Threads On Fire's 90's Sneakerhead-Approved Fits

Threads On Fire collections feature streetwear tees, hoodies, joggers and sweatsuit sets designed for the simple, low-key and mature sneakerhead. Faded prints, 90's inspired graphics and remixed streetwear x sneakerhead fusions provide that nostalgic touch. Standouts including, but not limited to, Air Jordan Retro 13 Bred sneaker matching graphic tees, hoodies and jogger sets - that perfect simple and low-key look to pair with your grails.

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t-shirt to match air jordan 13 bred


Epic hoodie to match air jordan 13


Men's Joggers and Levi's 501 Jeans Equation

Slim, tapered joggers with drawstring or elastic waistbands complete the streetwear uniform. Threads On Fire delivers joggers in various fabrics and muted hues - ideal joggers to match Air Jordan Retro 13 and other coveted kicks. Alternately you can opt for a crisp OG pair of men's Levi's 501 jeans, slightly cuffed hems to show off those fire sneakers.

Levi's 501 jeans and sneaker matching teesjoggers to match air jordan 13 playoffs



Pulling it All Together - Fit Pics

Achieving the perfect 90's Era West Coast x Streetwear blend is all about playing with proportions. Pair a loose-fitting Threads On Fire graphic tee or hoodie with joggers for that sought-after drape. Keep the color palette low-key with monochrome and muted tones. Accessorize with a New-Era cap or favorite team's beenie for that low-key OG look!

West Coast 90's Streetwear Models at Lowrider Car Super Show


Air Jordan Grail Spotlight

No 90's-inspired streetwear fit is complete without those iconic Air Jordan Retro's. These timeless sneakers provide the perfect base to build your casual, yet head-turning ensemble. When sporting these grails, opt for streetwear or sneaker matching tees, hoodies or sweatsuit sets and let your kicks walk the talk!

air jordan retro 13 breds and men's joggers

sweatsuit to match air jordan 13 bred

90's West Coast Style X Sneakerhead Streetwear

Capturing the 90's Era West Coast swag through a modern streetwear lens is all about mastering that low-key, laidback aesthetic. With Threads On Fire's streetwear tees, joggers, and sneaker-inspired apparel – combined with brands like HastaMuerte, StreetWise, Pro-Club and other streetwear staples – achieving this old skool-meets-new skool vibe is easier than ever. So, lace up those Jordans, throw on your loose-fitting Levi's 501's, some low-key threads and make this style your own. Check out our Sneakerhead Blog for more tips and follow Follow @threadzonfire for new releases and everything west coast sneakerhead content.


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